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Gel Caps


What are CBD Gel Caps?

Here's a quick way to get your daily dose, CBD Gel Caps are fast-acting and convenient! At 25mg of CBD per Gel Cap, it’s easy to determine how much CBD you’re ingesting without having to measure from a tincture.

Great for morning use or even on the go, CBD softgels, also known as hemp softgels, are your key to creating a sustainable wellness routine. Reduce inflammation through the reliable power of Nature's Bloom CBD Gel Capsules and be confident your health is in good hands. Get back to CBD living gel caps today!

Suggested Use: Take once in the morning and/or at night for best results.

Dosage: There is no true dosage considering everyone handles CBD differently. Our recommendation is to start with 1 Gel Cap and wait 25-30 minutes before increasing to 2 if needed. Some find that the positive effects of CBD are easily obtained with only 1 Gel Cap while others prefer to take 2.

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