Nature's Bloom CBD

3000mg THC Free CBD Oil Original


What is THC Free CBD Oil?

This is our highest concentrated CBD tincture to date and our only tincture that contains 0% THC. We recommend using a broad spectrum oil if you’re worried about taking a drug test in the near future. Although our oils are from organic hemp and contain less than .3% THC, there’s always a possibility that you test positive for THC after taking a full spectrum oil.

Suggested use: One/two times daily. For best results, put the CBD oil drops underneath your tongue for 60-90 seconds to allow maximum absorption.

Dosage: There is no true dosage since everyone handles CBD differently. Our recommendation is to start with ¼ of a dropper and adjust accordingly. Some find that the positive effects of CBD oil can be obtained with only a few drops while others prefer taking a larger dose.