Pet Problems: Do Vets Recommend CBD Oil?

Nov 10, 2023Nathan Baker

Ready to stop wondering: do vets recommend CBD? If yes, you've come to the right place. Find out why vets recommend CBD today!

As a dog or cat owner, it is likely you have seen CBD oil and chews popping up in pet shops around the country and online. With this, you wonder whether your vet would recommend you give it to your dog or cat. After all, you want to make sure they have the best possible life without having to resort to conventional medication.

While you may think most would be against it, growing studies have shown enough evidence to change their minds. But is it guaranteed they would prescribe it?

If you’ve ever wondered why vets would recommend CBD oil for dogs or cats, then keep reading.

What Are the CBD Oil Benefits for Dogs or Cats?

One of the reasons that pet owners have been asking their vets about CBD is the benefits shown to help pets every day. Some of the CBD oil benefits that your furry friend can receive are:

  • Decreased anxiety
  • Less separation anxiety
  • Lower inflammation and pain for chronic and joint conditions
  • Help with falling asleep at night

When used as an occasional treatment, CBD oil and other CBD products can help dogs and cats have a more fulfilling life.

How Much to Give

The general rule of thumb is that the dosage amount you give all depends on how much your pet weighs. You should also consider which specific breed your pet is if you have a dog, as they may be able to tolerate a smaller dose if they are a smaller breed than a larger dog. As a general guideline, give one to fivemilligrams of CBD for every ten poundsof body weight.

Can Even the Best CBD Oil Be Risky For Pets?

Whenever you buy CBD hemp oil, you need to stick to the exact dosage amount listed on the bottle or box it came in. If not, you risk-averse effects occurring like:

  • Your pet’s blood pressure dropping
  • Increased tiredness
  • Reduced saliva being produced
  • Decreased liver enzyme activities used to metabolize prescription drugs

When in doubt about how much CBD vs. THC is present in a certain CBD hemp oil or CBD vape oil, it is best to check the lab reports of the product you are looking at. You should also consider which medications your furry friend may be on before administering it.

Why Some Vets May Not Recommend

While many vets are growing more supportive of CBD, there is still a substantive group who do may not recommend their use for dogs or cats. Some of the reasons they may state are:

  • Not being aware of how good it can be
  • Fear of recommending since it was previously listed as illegal
  • Might have previously used a product that was broad-spectrum (not full-spectrum) which didn’t work
  • Lack of research available
  • Knowledge-based on conventional pharmaceutical medicine instead of holistic medicine

Depending on where you live, keep in mind that your vet may be limited in their ability to recommend it or give advice. Regardless, you should always feel comfortable talking about it with them.

Consider Giving CBD Oil to Your Pet

Veterinarians are now starting to get a better understanding of how good CBD oil is for your dog or cat. The next time you wonder whether vets recommend giving CBD oil, use this article as a guide. If you are still unsure about giving CBD oil to your dog or cat, asking your veterinarian can never hurt. 

Are you looking for more advice about CBD oil benefits for your pet? You can read about that, plus more pet-related content, on our blog. Let these posts make you the best pet-parent you can be.

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