What Makes a High Quality CBD Product? 3 Things to Look Out For

Nov 10, 2023Nathan Baker

If you're looking to use CBD, purchasing a high quality CBD product is key. Read more about what signs to look out for when purchasing CBD here.

CBD is a booming market right now. 64% of Americans are either aware of or have tried products containing CBD. There are so many sites on the internet offering CBD products for sale that it can be challenging to pick them apart. 

If it’s your first time buying CBD, you might not be aware of what you need to look out for to ensure that you’re purchasing a high-quality CBD product. 

The devil’s in the details. Just learning a few simple things to look for on the CBD ingredients label can help you make an informed decision about what you’re buying. 

What Is CBD?

First thing’s first, though, what is CBD? CBD is the shortened name for the chemical Cannabidiol. Cannabidiol is a cannabinoid that is found in high quantities within hemp plants. 

Companies use it to make different types of CBD products. The CBD is extracted from the hemp plant using a careful procedure, and from there, it is infused into oils, chewable gummies, tinctures, skin creams, and many other products. 

Benefits and Effects of CBD

So why do people use CBD products? Well, CBD has been shown to alleviate the symptoms of several different conditions. Some examples of things CBD can help with are:

  • Joint pain
  • Inflammation
  • Anxiety 
  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Chronic pain 
  • Cancer
  • Insomnia

CBD helps to subside and alleviate bad symptoms, and help you to feel more relaxed and comfortable. If you suffer from anxiety, it can help to bring you back down to a comfortable level. 

CBD doesn’t get you high like the other well-known cannabinoid, THC. Instead, CBD helps to make you feel more relaxed and stable without giving you any psychoactive effects.

Things to Look Out For

So now you know what CBD is and what its effects are. You now need to do what to look out for when buying. 

As a first-time buyer, it can be difficult to fully understand what everything on the label means. Let’s take a look at a few things that can be signs of a high-quality CBD product. 

1. Strength

The first thing to look out for is the most important. Does the product state the strength on the label? High-quality CBD products should absolutely always have this information printed on the side of the bottle or the label.

Products listed on some websites may lead you to believe that they’re full of CBD, but they will contain absolutely none on closer inspection. A good rule of thumb is to avoid any CBD product that doesn’t clearly state its dosage. 

A lot of these products advertised as containing CBD will actually be made from hemp seed oil. Hemp seed oil and CBD may come from the same plant, but that’s where the similarities end, and they come from entirely different parts of the plant.

What strength CBD you should be buying is down to personal preference. Assess how severe your symptoms are, how much you think you will need, and how much you can spend on it.

As with everything like this, it’s best to start low and gradually work up to the dose you feel is perfect for you. If any of this information is missing from the label, you will have no idea what your ideal dose is.

2. Third-Party Testing 

Have you ever wondered, “what’s in CBD oil?” Well, companies that sell the best CBD products want you to get an exact answer to that question. 

These companies will get their products tested in a lab run by a third-party to ensure the results are impartial. This lab test will determine what’s in the product, determine whether there is any THC in it, and analyze the full range of Cannabinoids present. 

The benefits of this system are two-fold. First, it adds a level of accountability to manufacturers to ensure that the best quality and safest products make it to market. It also offers a high level of transparency. 

You should be immediately suspicious of any CBD company that doesn’t state if their products are lab tested. You’d be wary of someone not telling you what’s in your food. Apply the same concept to CBD products here.

3. Quality of Hemp

Think of this in food terms as well. You have to cook the same meal twice. The first time you’re using hand-reared, organically grown ingredients that are specially designed for the dish you’re making. The second time, you’re using cheaply grown, low-quality ingredients.

Which of those two meals is going to be more likable? That’s right, the first one. It’s precisely the same in the world of CBD products as well. High-quality CBD products will be extracted from high-quality hemp plants that have been organically grown by expert growers. 

Always look out to see if the hemp is organically grown. Poor quality hemp is impressive at taking in all the chemicals from its surrounding environment. If it’s grown using pesticides or herbicides, then these could end up in your CBD product. 

Buy High-Quality CBD Today

So that’s the holy trinity of high-quality CBD. Look for all three of these things when buying your CBD products. A company not including one of these on the label can be an instant red flag. 

If you’re looking for quality CBD products, you’ve come to the right place. Browse our shop today to take a look at the wide range of CBD products we sell.

Our products are vegan, free from pesticides, and organically grown. We’ve got products in all strengths and sizes.

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