Find Natural Relief with CBD: A Comprehensive Guide to Oils, Tinctures, and Topicals from Nature's Bloom - Nature's Bloom CBD

Find Natural Relief with CBD: A Comprehensive Guide to Oils, Tinctures, and Topicals from Nature's Bloom

May 21, 2024Nathan Baker

CBD has become an increasingly popular natural wellness supplement due to its many potential therapeutic benefits. At Nature's Bloom, we specialize in helping our clients discover the natural healing powers of CBD with high-quality CBD products in Chandler, AZ and premium CBD products in Scottsdale, AZ.

In this comprehensive guide, we want to provide clarity on the benefits of CBD, as well as how to properly use CBD products in the different options that are available, including CBD oils, CBD tinctures, CBD gummies, and CBD topicals – as they each have the potential to aid issues like pain, anxiety, inflammation, sleep disorders, and more.

What is CBD?

CBD, short for cannabidiol, is one of over 100 compounds called cannabinoids found in the cannabis sativa plant. Unlike the more well-known cannabinoid THC, CBD will not cause psychoactive effects or get you “high.”

This makes CBD an appealing natural option for those looking for relief from certain conditions without unwanted side effects. CBD works by interacting with the body’s endocannabinoid system, which regulates functions like sleep, pain, mood, and more.

CBD Products and Formulations:

1️⃣ CBD Oil

CBD oils are perhaps the most widely used form of CBD. At Nature's Bloom, we use a clean CO2 extraction method to obtain high-quality CBD oil from organic hemp plants. CBD oil can be taken sublingually, added to food and drinks, or used topically.

Benefits of CBD Oil May Include:

Pain Relief.

CBD may help reduce inflammation and interact with pain receptors.

Reduced Anxiety and Depression.

CBD may boost serotonin levels and balance mood.

Improved Sleep.

CBD may help with sleep cycle regulation, thereby improving insomnia.

Neuroprotective Properties.

Early research shows CBD may protect brain cells.


CBD may reduce sebum production and inflammation.

Sublingual Use of CBD Oils

One of the most effective ways to use CBD oil is sublingually. This involves placing a few drops of oil under the tongue and holding for 60-90 seconds before swallowing. Sublingual absorption allows the CBD to enter the bloodstream faster than ingestion. This makes it ideal for issues like anxiety attacks, sudden pain flare ups, and trouble sleeping.

Proper CBD Oil Dosage

There is no universal CBD dosage. Factors like your weight, severity of symptoms, and individual body chemistry can impact how much CBD you need. Most experts recommend starting with a low dose of around 5-10 mg and increasing slowly from there.

Flavor and Strength Variety

Trying different flavors can make CBD oil supplementation enjoyable. We offer CBD oils in strengths ranging from 500 to 5000 mg CBD to suit different needs. You can also add oil to food or smoothies for a boost of CBD along with other nutrients.

At Nature's Bloom, our knowledgeable staff can advise you on proper dosing and help you find the right CBD strength and format for your needs.

2️⃣ CBD Tinctures

CBD tinctures are liquid concentrates that come with a dropper for precise serving sizes. Tinctures are absorbed faster than traditional CBD oils, making them ideal for those needing quick relief. Many of our clients prefer CBD tinctures due to the following characteristics:

Precision Meets Practicality.

CBD tinctures have gained popularity thanks to their versatility and ease of use. CBD is dissolved in a liquid solvent, often with added flavors. A glass dropper allows precise dosing so you get the ideal amount of CBD each time.

Sublingual Use and Beyond.

Like CBD oils, tinctures can be taken sublingually for fast effects. However, the liquid solvent also allows the CBD to absorb into the bloodstream faster. Tinctures can easily be added to beverages as well.

Consistency for Wellness Goals.

The precision of CBD tinctures makes them ideal for managing consistent symptoms. For issues like chronic stress, pain, and sleep difficulties, tinctures allow you to fine-tune your CBD intake. This helps you stay on track with your wellness goals.

Benefits of CBD tinctures may include:

Chronic Pain Relief.

The fast absorption makes tinctures ideal for pain flare ups.

Reduced Inflammation.

CBD interacts with the immune system to reduce painful inflammation and swelling.

Migraine Relief.

Early research shows promise for CBD helping migraine pain.

Better Sleep.

Precise servings can help optimize sleep cycles.

Mood Disorders.

Consistent CBD dosing may help stabilize mood.

3️⃣ CBD Topicals

CBD topicals include creams, balms, lotions, and salves designed for external use. These topical CBD products allow CBD to absorb through the skin to interact with cannabinoid receptors concentrated there. Many of our clients prefer CBD topicals due to the following characteristics:

CBD Topicals Provide Targeted, Localized Relief.

CBD topicals provide natural relief right where you need it most. By applying them directly to the skin, CBD interacts with local receptors to help soothe muscle aches, joint pain, and skin concerns. This makes topicals ideal for treating localized pain, inflammation, and skin conditions.

Natural Ingredients Enhance Effects.

Our topicals combine high-quality hemp extract with natural oils, butters, and botanicals chosen to complement CBD's balancing properties. This helps target specific issues like inflammation or dry skin for maximum effectiveness.

Focused Relief Without Systemic Side Effects.

Because CBD topicals are used externally, the CBD does not enter the bloodstream. This makes topicals a smart choice for those who want relief without systemic CBD side effects or concerns about drug testing.

How to Apply Topical CBD Products for the Best Results.

Topical CBD products are used for localized relief of pain, inflammation, and certain skin conditions without the psychoactive effects of THC. Appropriate application of CBD cream involves applying the product directly to the skin over the affected area. For optimal results, the skin should be clean and dry to enhance absorption. Users should follow the product’s instructions regarding the amount to use and frequency of application. It's essential to start with a small amount to gauge the skin's reaction, especially for those with sensitive skin or allergies. Topical CBD can be particularly beneficial for conditions like arthritis, muscle soreness, and eczema, providing targeted relief without systemic side effects.

Benefits of CBD Topicals May Include:

Arthritis Pain Relief.

Massaging CBD cream onto joints may reduce swelling and pain.

Lower Back Pain.

CBD creams may block pain signals and reduce muscle tension.

Skin Soothing.

Antioxidants in CBD may help sensitive skin conditions.

Sports Injuries.

Rubbing CBD balm onto strained muscles may speed recovery.

Finding Your Perfect CBD Product in Nature's Bloom Stores.

    There is no "one size fits all" approach to CBD. Your regimen should be as unique as you. Visit Nature's Bloom in Chandler and Scottsdale to speak with our knowledgeable staff. We'll help you select the best CBD products in Phoenix, AZ to meet your goals, whether it be better sleep, pain relief, or overall wellness.

    Our Invitation to Natural Wellness.

    We hope this overview has brought clarity to the various formulations of CBD products on the market. High-quality CBD oils, tinctures, and topicals can be invaluable allies on your wellness journey. We invite you to visit Nature's Bloom online here or stop by our CBD store in Chandler, AZ or our CBD shop in Scottsdale, AZ to learn more.

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